What's a picker, and why do I want to make one?

You may have seen flowchart diagrams that use arrows to lead you through a series of questions and answers, sometimes with "Yes" and "No" choices, to help find the best option for you.
SkimSpace may be used to make pickers that are interactive equivalents of such flowcharts or decision trees.
Benefits include:
Breaking a large amount of information down into bite-sized pieces can make each portion simpler to understand
Each screen can provide relevant facts and a link to details, only showing the information that matters to you
Picking an option helps you think about what you need.
 Pressing buttons can be a fun way to learn, in a "choose your own adventure" way, especially when coupled with a back button that lets you change your mind.
A picker may be easier to view on smaller screens, such as phones or tablets, than a flowchart diagram.